How Does a Mobile Friendly Website Help to Grow Business?


Mobile users are increasing rapidly, and as a result, the development of web pages that work well on mobile devices has become an ultimate necessity of businesses across the world. Statistics show that around 60% of the users who browse your web page from their mobile devices will leave the site right away if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Hence, it has become a requirement to hire a website development company that could develop your webpage aligned with mobile devices. Also, a study shows that a majority of the people who visit the e-commerce webpage for shopping do not complete their purchase if shopping care is not compatible with their mobile devices. This puts great pressure on e-commerce website development companies to make sure that the webpage they are developing for e-commerce business runs smoothly on all mobile devices.

So, if you have a running business and have not invested in a reliable web development company to optimize your website for mobile devices yet, it is time for you to do so. Here are a bunch of reasons why a mobile-friendly website is essential for your company:

· Google Prioritizes Mobile-Friendly Websites Over Others

These days, as most of the Internet user's access websites via Google, it is wisest to act on recommendations set out by Google itself. Google understands the shifting dynamics of the Internet very well and realizes that most of the users are shifting to more portable devices like mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, to make sure that all customers have remarkable experiences, it has started to prefer websites that have both a mobile and a desktop version. In fact, with an update introduced recently, Google has begun to prioritize sites with a "mobile-friendly design" and has given them ranking boosts. Good web development companies know how to keep the websites' development up-to-date in accordance with Google.

· Gives a Good User Experience

It is a fact that most people are now shifting to handheld devices. It is more convenient to browse through websites on your phone than doing the same task on personal computers. However, the drawback is that mobile and tablet screens are considerably smaller. A poor mobile layout would necessarily mean that your potential customer would not stick to your website for long enough and go on a search for better sites. Around 52% of customers wouldn't return to a website if the user experience was not friendly enough. If, on the other hand, your website turns out to be pleasant enough to keep its visitors hooked, they would spread the information using word of mouth, increasing your company's popularity. Especially if it is an e-commerce website, users prefer to look at the website that is easier to use. Therefore, it puts an increased pressure on e-commerce website development companies to develop a website, keeping in mind the users' demands and their response.

· Increase Credibility of Your Business

Having a mobile-friendly website designed and developed by a reliable web development company makes your business seem more relevant and up-to-date. Since it is approximated that only 56% of all small businesses own websites with mobile-friendly interfaces, going an extra step and doing that for your company makes your business stand out in the crowd. Imagine disappointed visitors from all around visiting your website and finding out that it is more aesthetically pleasing and useful than the domains of your competitors - those visitors would most likely become your loyal customers!

· It Builds Your Ethos

If customers visit a website with a mobile-friendly interface, it is more likely that they be able to access relevant information and facts that might otherwise be overlooked or missed. This builds a connection of trust and reliability between the company and the customers. The latter views the former as an authentic source of information in relevant fields and is very likely to form bonds of customer loyalty. This not only can earn your company a good reputation in the market but also can get you valuable customers. All thanks to the web development company that regularly monitors your website and makes sure that it is up-to-date for the users.

· Users Directed Towards Social Media Channels

It has been proven that social media marketing and friendly website design go hand-in-hand. This is the era of social media marketing, which has become one of the most effective tools to advertise your company. Since over 80% of all social media users access their accounts using mobile devices, it makes more sense to have mobile-friendly websites. This way, users directed to your site will want to explore your website more, and the inclination toward becoming customers would also increase.

In conclusion, it is essential for any type of business to have a user-friendly website developed by a renowned web development company. If you are running an e-commerce business, to increase your consumer base, hire a reputable e-commerce website development company that could give you a website that your consumers would love.

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